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17 Facts About This Groundbreaking Book

  1. Fast Company proclaims it one of the “Ten Great Business Reads of the Year”
  2. Financial Times of London dubs it one of the “Best Business Reads of the Year” along with Freakonomics.
  3. USA Today says, “Want to know how effective your marketing is? …this is a structured process that can work in a balanced way…”
  4. The Boston Globe states, “This book is all business, and it’s a good one.”
  5. Globally published in 15 different languages: Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Indonesian, Polish, English, Hebrew, Czech, Romanian, Bulgarian, Estonian, Turkish.
  6. Stanford University includes the book as part of its required reading.
  7. Northwestern University includes the book as part of required reading.
  8. London School of Economics Professor Paul Marsden, Ph.D. calls it, “the book that makes it worth its weight in marketing gold”.
  9. The Wall Street Journal former Executive Editor and Dow Jones CEO Warren Phillips heralds it, “…an intriguing book about an intriguing new trend in marketing. It’s rare to find a business book that teaches and entertains like this.”
  10. PepsiCo former CMO and eBay COO Brian Swette says, “”Buzzmarketing works. It’s not just a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have!”
  11. Steve Forbes, Forbes Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief calls it, “…a business book that’s both entertaining and useful for big brands and start-ups alike.”
  12. McCann Relationship Marketing’s former Chairman Stan Rapp, Author of MaxiMarketing and 5 other books says, “this scores a knockout…just when cluttered traditional media has lost its punch.”
  13. Ben & Jerry’s Co-Founder Ben Cohen states, “There’s fake corporate marketing and then there’s real marketing. This is the real stuff for real people.”
  14. Time magazine called Hughes’ coup detailed in Chapter two, “one of the greatest publicity coups” in history.
  15. Forbes magazine adds Author Hughes to its list of “CMO Hot Shots”
  16. eBay’s former President Bill Cobb proclaims, “Mark Hughes is one of the most resourceful minds and creative marketers in the industry.”
  17. Research World magazine says, “Given Hughes’ track record, it would take a brave man to bet against him.”